Development of seven dwelling units, Naples (Italy)

The insertion of a residential building in its direct surroundings, considering the direct impact and the local regulations, has led to the composition of the two merged volumes opened to the south side with timber panels that give rhythm to the facades. The building reaches the highest level of energy performance certification due to the triple glazing of the façades, thick insulation on the North elevation, photovoltaic and solar panels installed on the roof, as well as a fresh air ventilation system in each unit.  

Four Storey Flats, Naples (Italy)

The project consists of 4 flats (1 each floor) and are all composed of three bedrooms.  Every flat offers the maximization of the spaces based on the users and the accessibility, guaranteeing private and comfort spaces.
A sustainable approach has been considered for some materials like eco blocks of the exterior walls, plant based polyurethane rigid foam used for the insulation, a photovoltaic system mounted on the rooftop. The wheat-toned interiors are combined with peddble-like colours or pastel colours.
The flexible spaces invite to stay in the living area which consist in an open space divided into 4 main areas: the entrance, the living and the kitchen separated by a double facing furniture and a dining area.
The rear area is occupied by the private bedrooms and bathrooms having access to the rear balconies.

Three Storey Flats, Naples (Italy)

The three storey building inserts itself in the site in a game of volumes that fit in the site without disturbing the surrounding view. 
The concrete building takes advantage on three sides to have a good quality daylight and ventilation.
Inside, all the fixed furniture have been designed in wood essence oak, such as interior doors and windows. 

Redevelopment of  31 residential units, Samson Road (UK)

The project has been designed to provide a five storey residential building containing 31 modern apartments available at social rent. Due to the nearby train line the insulation aspects have been hightly considered for the walls and the window, this also contributes to the good energy performance of the building. The high energy performance is also given by the solar panels that generate the necessary energy and a landscape using plants that help improve air quality.   Other aspects considered are: the refuse and recycling facilities, the cycle storage, three parking bays for people with disabilities, a buffer zone between the roads, a safe pedestrian footpath through the scheme.

Four dwellings on former garage site, Lockley Crescent(UK)

The project consists of the design and construction of 4 two-bedroom homes split across a garage site and  further more a one bedroom bungalow available for social rent.
The development features include: – parking – lockable sheds – cycle storage – private garden – extensive landscaping, to enhance the environmental surroundings

Energy Efficient Renovation, Tavullia (Italy)

The works have been carried out improving the following:
– Thermal insulation of the building’s external surfaces – Replacement of air conditioning systems – Replacement of external windows and doors – Installation of infrastructure for charging electric vehicles in buildings – Installation of photovoltaic solar systems connected to the electricity grid – Installation of storage systems integrated in subsidized solar photovoltaic systems

Outset Centre Refurbishment, Walthamstow (UK)

The project involved the refurbishment of the Outset Centre for development and support of local cultural industries among young people with a special focus on the interactive activities. 
The external works allowed to create a new enclosed space for activities like: – basketball – a gym area – vegetale garden – sitting area and space for events  The interior works have improved the use of the space thanks to the new layout and the quality of the finishes.

Internal Remodelling and Refurbishment of Upskilling Centre, Leytonstone(UK)

The three-storey building has been converted into a combined adult learning facility and children’s centre which will provide a contemporary learning environment for the local community.
Challenges were posed from the outset due to the building being vacant for a significant time before refurbishment, creating issues in the construction phase.
The scheme supports the local community by offering educational, skills based courses to help advance careers and support families.